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Test Plan vs Test Strategy. Download Free Templates.

Test Plan

Test Plan contains the scope in implementing the test. Basically, it focuses the process on what and how to perform the testing. The tester should understand the entire development and the related activities of the project; therefore, an effective test plan should minimize the identified difficulties and risks of the software. testplan-vs-teststrategy

The standard test plan contains the following (based on IEEE): Test Scope, Test Objectives, Risk Analysis, Test Design, Roles & Responsibilities, Test Schedule & Resources, Test Data Management, Test Environment, Communication Approach, and Test Tools

The following are the keys to be considered in creating a test plan.

  • Identify the test objectives. If necessary, include the potential objectives as well. It also requires listing the rank of test objectives (from important to least).
  • Identify the phases involved for the test development process.
  • Determine the possible risks in achieving the test objectives.
  • Determine the test objective and test phase where the risks occur.



Test Strategy

Test Strategy provides the entire approach of testing that involves people, tools, and procedures involved in the project. It aims to identify the tasks and challenges of the project and covers the test techniques or procedures to develop a good assessment of the project.

As for the Test Strategy, it provides the entire perspective of testing. These are: Project plans, requirements, risks, regulations, required standards, resources, estimates, behavior, documentation, and review methods.

The following are the factors consider in applying a test strategy:

  • Resources such as cost, budget, tools etc.
  • Tester’s knowledge and skills.
  • Specify the easiest and hardest process of the project.
  • Identify the potential risks applied on the project.




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    I would like to know as much as possible about software
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    Hello My name is Rahul I am a Software Test Engineer (Manual) from last three years.
    Testing carrer is very bright provided you are ready to find faults anywhere anytime. faults making sense..